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You’ll get more attention after our free inbound lead generation audit. This audit will take about 15 minutes of your time to kick off, then four experts from will spend fours hours taking a deep dive into your current systems and processes.  You’ll receive insights about your current:

  • Branding
  • Web development
  • SEO and onsite conversion
  • Social media

We’ll provide free research into social media communities, SEO analysis, and offer site and messaging observations that will improve your inbound lead flow. The final report will supply free marketing ideas, a list of relevant social media communities, and website/SEO suggestions.


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Rain is purpose built to cost-effectively solve the inbound marketing, social media, and SEO needs of technology and B2B companies.

To grow inbound leads, your company needs the high-level visibility social media, content marketing, and SEO provide. The truth is, inbound marketing is a lot of work! Busy companies continuously face the same challenges when trying to deploy social media campaigns and marketing activities:

  • no budget to hire experienced staff for these projects
  • lack of time or expertise to do it in-house
  • inability to keep up with ever-changing technology and trends
  • not even knowing where to start

Rain is a flexible, cost-effective answer. We’re the on-demand marketing department you need to execute your tactical suggestions so your team can focus on strategic thinking, creating your message, and maintaining client relations. Rain marketing services and bundled plans are designed to help you:

  • monitor your brand’s influence on the web, in social networks, and in the blogosphere
  • manage your brand’s online reputation
  • engage with targeted online communities to attract new clients and nurture existing customers
  • use social media to boost your PR activities and extend your online reach
  • fill web and live events and book meetings using social networking and online business networking
  • grow the reach of your brand through social media placement, fans, followers, and word of mouth

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